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About us.

Obsidium is a casual raiding guild that started out on the Lightbringer-EU Realm as Creation. We spend some awesome years there, and unfortunatly had to leave some friends behind .  During spring 2014 we transfered to Draenor-EU as Lightbringer became more and more empty.  We hope we get some fun years on Draenor with new and old friendships :) 

We are a bunch of likeminded mature adults looking to have fun in the World of Warcraft. We try to push through current raid level content, but most of all we try to have fun. Our mantra is to not be too serious and to keep banter dial turned up all the way to maximum. 

We raid Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday from 8:30 to around 11:00 pm.  

We are an open guild and always welcome raiders and social members that wanna have some fun and do stuff. So feel free to take a look around our recruitment page or whisper us in game. Looking forward to see you in guild.

Feel free to /w one of the officers if u wanna hear more. Arleej, Bloodsmurfy, Skag, Skattepriest or Woltan

/hugs from us all. 

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